Skin Lightening Cream Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Kojic Acid, Arbutin Glutathione Liquorice Mulberry Niacinamide SPF30 15G



Kozicare Revolutionary skin lightening brightening treatment with built-in SPF30

Active Ingredients – Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid / Kojic Acid, / Arbutin / Glutathione / Liquorice / Mulberry / Niacinamide

Built In SPF30 Combined with Actives to protect your skin from sun damage whilst healing your skin from unwanted skin concerns

Banish bad skin days for good!

It reduces oxidative stress & improves psoriasis. It is specially formulated to give your skin a perfect, lighter complexion, nourished fairer and brighter skin. It visibly reduces the appearance of all skin discolorations including freckles, age spots, liver, and scars.

Kozicare is  extremely effective topical treatment benefits include:

  • Reverses Sun/ Photo Damage
  • Reverses Sun/Age Spots/ Liver spots
  • Reduces fine lines & Wrinkles- Sunscreen Protection whilst hydrating & moisturizing your skin
  • Removes skin discolouration so your skin tome will become even clear & radiant
  • Reduces pigmentation/ hyperpigmentation & melasma as it’s defence removes extra melanin

Direction for Use:
Step 1: Rinse the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry.
Step 2: Apply the skin whitening cream on your face and neck.
Step 3: The best to use fingertips to apply cream in a circular motion then rub gently till the cream absorbs into the skin.
Step 4: Step 4: Apply twice a day to get fairer and brighter skin.



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